Local 614 JATC Staff

LU 614 Joint Apprenticeship Training Director

Kevin Tapp has been a member of Local Union 614 since June 8, 1990. He went through 614's Apprenticeship program and became a Journeyman Steamfitter-Service Technician on July 8, 1994. Mr. Tapp has transitioned from working out in the field and is now our Training Director over the 614 Apprenticeship Program.

Kevin Tapp

LU 614 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

The men that make our Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee have either been long time members of Local Union 614 or long time Contractors working hand in hand with Local Union 614. They keep business running smoothly for our Training Program. We would not be where we are today without the constant dedication of our committee members. 

Glynn Graves, Jeff Taylor, Eric Bullock, Scott Atkins, Brad Bartlett and Bryan Shinault.

LU 614 Joint Apprenticeship Training Office

Kevin Tapp

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